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A Dirty Word

When did ‘Estimate’ become a dirty word?  Think about it- in school, our kids are being taught in their various math courses, right this very moment, how to estimate in certain situations: Estimate:  304 x 29 The kid will say, … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the (Agile) Tester

I once attended a conference and listened to Michael Bolton (no, not the singer, and definitely not the guy from Office Space) untangle a thought stream on the validity of the QA profession as a whole.  He talked about the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Inspiration

I was recently engaged with a client that works in an industry where heavy-weight processes are like a security blanket when it comes to project management. I was helping out as a “traditional PM”, but anxiously looking for “an in” … Continue reading

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Agile methods have been around for longer than most of us have been with our current job (or 3).  Agile in and of itself has always been about ‘community’.  With that in mind, I would like to welcome all of … Continue reading

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