It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Remember this sales campaign for orange juice?  It started back in the early 80’s, as an attempt to boost sales.  It was almost stating the obvious or giving permission to drink orange juice at anytime of the day.  Imagine that! This is how I see the world of Agile, especially in an enterprise context.  “It’s […]

Morning Joe…

I am nearsighted- have been to one degree or another since I was a teenager.  All I’ve ever thought of this term was as a defect in vision. More recently, I had a take on the term that was slightly out of the norm- corporate approach to strategy.  Case in point: Global Chain, neighborhood coffeehouse. […]

Sustainable Pace = Realistic Load

In 1876, at the urging of Samuel Plimsoll, the British government passed into law the requirement for maritime vessels to have established, and displayed, a ‘Plimsoll Mark’. This is a visible indicator on the hull of aship that the harbor master can verify that the ship is not overloaded, forseaworthiness. You can imagine the number […]