I once heard that ‘Juggling is more about throwing than it is catching’.  So, that begs the question- are you throwing at least as much as you’re catching? One of the hardest things to do, as a hands-on ‘doer’ and coach, is to delegate (throw).  In doing so, I’ve violated one of the key learning patterns- […]

Little League

I recently started coaching a little league team.  This is my 3rd year, in part or in whole. And like software projects, it’s funny how you always seem to have some of the same concerns, right at the beginning. For this baseball league, I have no control over the random seeding of players that I […]

Coaching, Geese, Term Papers- Oh My!

A mainstream service and buzzword that has surfaced in the agile world is the concept of Agile Coaching. You might think to yourself- why would I need a coach, specifically for agile? Or, coaches are for sports, not‘business’. Contrary to those thoughts, I think about Professional Football. NFL teams don’t have a stated number of […]

Change is Hard- and Agile Ain’t Easy, Either

Thinking back upon the teams that I have been a part of, the really successful ones- we always went through what is called “Schneider’s Classic Change Curve”. You know the one, kind of like ‘Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing’… It starts ‘on the up’, with High Expectations. You know- “oh cool, we’re going to try something…” […]

Agile Applied

I used to build houses in Mexico for a charitable organization. I have done 15 of these trips, having played the role as ‘grunt’ on the first 8 or so, team lead on 3 or 4, and construction lead on a few. A typical trip usually goes something like this: Meet at 5:00 a.m. and […]

Filling Spaces

When did good enough become ‘enough’?  The more clients I work with, and more teams I encounter- the more I think complacency has become the new norm!  Enter Parkinson’s Law.  For those of you not familiar, Parkinson’s law is nothing more than an adage first noted by (surprise!) Cyril Parkinson in 1955.  It has little […]

Personal Responsibility

I recently heard a tale of a complete lack of personal responsibility, that I am a bit ashamed to say, made me chuckle. At a house next to my folks, there lived an elderly couple.  They had at one point, not so long ago, desired to replace their carpeting.  Like any consumer, they called around, […]

Yesterday’s Weather

It’s funny how things evolve in this world. Consider for amoment, the whole philosophy of project management. This started, from what I have read,with a guy trying to forecast how much pig iron could be effectively mined by a labor-force in a given week. A lot of this was based on getting guys with very […]